How to Reverse Premature Ovarian Failure with Sarah Clark from Fab Fertile

podcast Nov 20, 2020


On today's episode of the Finding Fertility Podcast, we've got Sara Clark from Fab Fertilie discussing how there are ways to Reverse Premature Ovarian Failure.

“We don’t realize how sick we are before we dive into fertility.”

The conventional method of solving infertility leaves much to be desired.  

Often a blanket approach is used and everyone is shoved into IVF treatment without taking a further dive into what is really going on with each individual.  

In this episode I sit down with Sarah Clark and we discuss why the holistic approach is so important to getting pregnant.  

“You are in charge of your health.”

In addition, we talk about the alarming increase of infertility in both male and females and the impact that may have on future generations.  

We dive into food and inflammation and how both have dramatic effects not only on our infertility, but on our overall health and wellness, and how those traits can be passed on to our children if we don’t take action to become healthier versions of ourselves.  

You don’t want to miss this deep dive in all things fertility with Sarah Clark.


Topics Discussed:

🦩How the traditional infertility system looks at infertility.

🦩The societal rise of infertility.

🦩How your work affects your infertility.

🦩Should you quit your job when dealing with infertility? 


Check out today's Finding Fertility Podcast episode: 

How to Reverse Premature Ovarian Failure with Sarah Clark from Fab Fertile

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