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How Your Mental/Emotional Issues Impact Your Fertility Health with Stesha Reukauf

podcast Oct 15, 2021

Topics Discussed:

🦩Mental/emotional trauma and fertility health.

🦩Work on your inner child and transform your overall health.

🦩Practice emotional healing to unstuck your fertility.

  • “It’s a huge step to allow sensations in your body to be there and emotions to be there.”

Is it possible that you’re the one blocking your fertility through unresolved past emotional and mental traumas? By working to heal your inner child and past traumas, you’re working towards achieving your overall health and blocks that are keeping you from achieving pregnancy.

In this episode, we have Stesha Reukauf, a holistic fertility practitioner with a new, holistic, and empowering way for high-performing women to increase fertility and conceive naturally. Through her infertility journey, Stesha discovered that the pressure she was putting her body through was the reason it was failing her and found a way to heal through nutrition and mental-emotional work.

  • “You need to start allowing yourself those emotions and stop judging yourself because it’s not bad to have trauma.”

She explains how her childhood traumas led to emotional suppression and limiting beliefs and how she healed to experience holistic health.

Listen in to learn how your mental and emotional issues could be blocking your fertility health: How Your Mental/Emotional Issues Impact Your Fertility Health

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Episode Highlights:

  • [2:59] Stesha’s journey from an unhealthy place to gaining her overall inner and physical health.
  • [11:27] How your mental and emotional issues block your fertility health.
  • [19:44] How your subconscious protects you from past traumas and how you can heal your inner child.
  • [28:53] Why we need to get to the root causes of our infertility to heal.
  • [38:01] How to change your mindset about your fertility and become an empowered mama to be.

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