One of the Most Important Things to Learn How to do When You’re Dealing with Infertility

podcast Mar 01, 2024

“When you surrender and follow your intuition, you can feel two different emotions during this time.”

Topics Discussed:

🦩 The power of surrendering and following your intuition.

🦩 Benefits of prioritizing both the tangible and intangible things.

🦩 How surrendering allows your body to relax and heal.

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Are you ready to surrender and trust the process of your fertility journey? Surrendering is hard, but mastering the skill and listening to your intuition will allow things to flow to you instead of having to chase them.

In this episode of the Finding Fertility podcast, I discuss how I learned to surrender in my fertility journey and how you can too. I explain how surrendering and listening to intuition can help you make the right decision and create healthy habits.

Listen in to learn how surrendering gives you the time freedom not to rush into IVF when you haven’t completely healed.

“Surrendering is hard but extremely powerful and completely underestimated in all aspects of our lives.”

Episode Highlights:

  • [02:55] The power of surrendering to the process and focusing on other things instead of holding on to what’s happening.
  • [05:20] The importance of listening to your intuition and getting honest with yourself to make the right decision.
  • [09:48] Why you should surrender and focus on the tangible and intangible things in your fertility journey.
  • [14:41] How surrendering gives you time freedom to not rush into IVF when you have not completely healed.

Listen here: One of the Most Important Things to Learn How to do When You’re Dealing with Infertility

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Anything written or said about health and diet are my opinions, that I have formed over the years, through trial and error, study, reading, listening and observing. What worked for me, may not work for you. I am not a doctor, nutritionist or dietician and all medical advice should be gotten from a qualified professional. Product recommendations are based on what I used during my infertility journey or wish I had.


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