Reduce Fibroids Naturally and Improve Your Fertility: Interview with Phyllis from Fibroid Queen

podcast Jul 23, 2021

In this episode of Finding Fertility, Monica is joined by Phyllis from Fibroid Queen to explore how you can reduce uterine fibroids naturally and increase your fertility.

Following her diagnosis of uterine fibroids, Phyllis came to a shocking realization. She then decided to take her health into her own hands.

Topics Discussed:

🦩Reaching for feminine divinity

🦩The problem with clinical trials

🦩How to deal with unexplained infertility and autoimmune issues

🦩The unavoidable connection between gut health and infertility

🦩The significance of your past and its effect on your fertility

Listen to this Finding Fertility Podcast here: Reduce Fibroids Naturally and Improve Your Fertility: Interview with Phyllis from Fibroid Queen

Now, Phyllis is a registered nurse, yoga instructor, and fitness coach. She is an advocate who empowers women to prevent and manage fibroids through a personalized holistic and fitness regimen. This regimen is designed to take you from pain to no pain.

Phyllis also shares her top tips on what you should do after receiving a fibroid diagnosis, such as minimizing to eliminate certain foods and incorporating healthy foods into your diet. Lastly, Phyllis talks about how to eliminate fibroid triggers and discover what works best for your body.

Join Monica and Phyllis as they discuss all things fertility, fibroids, diet, hormones, and so much more.

Discussion Highlights

  • (1:25) Interview with Phyllis from Fibroid Queen
  • (2:23) Phyllis’ diagnosis of uterine fibroids
  • (4:11) A shocking realization
  • (5:16) Taking matters into your own hands
  • (6:00) A regimen to take you from pain to no pain
  • (7:09) Reaching for feminine divinity
  • (8:41) The problem with clinical trials
  • (10:08) Unexplained infertility and autoimmune issues
  • (12:10) The connection between gut health and infertility
  • (14:27) The importance of your past
  • (16:12) Phyllis’ top tips after a fibroid diagnosis
    • Minimize to eliminate dairy, soy, and meat
    • Adding fruits, vegetables, and the right supplements
  • (25:01) Eliminating fibroid triggers
  • (26:06) Finding what works for your body


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