Should You do the Elimination Diet or Food Sensitivity Test?

podcast Oct 23, 2020

Topics Discussed:

  • Why do a food sensitivity test?
  • What food sensitivity tests entail.
  • How to break down changing your diet so it’s not overwhelming.

Should You do the Elimination Diet or Food Sensitivity Test?

“These diet changes can become a new lifestyle.”

Hello Beautiful

When it comes to food sensitivity tests I know it can be a big investment, not just financially, but also an investment of time. 

It is very important rather than just jumping from diet to diet trying to figure out which one works for you.  We can often play guessing games with infertility diets and the food sensitivity tests help us stop the guessing and finally figure out what works best for us.

“Not all food sensitivity tests are created equal.”

In addition, when we figure out what triggers us, we begin to feel so much better as we learn to eliminate all the foods that our bodies are not agreeing with. 

I break down how to begin an elimination diet because I know it can feel overwhelming when we are faced with all the foods we need to stay away from.  But it’s a slow journey and doesn’t have to be done all at once. 

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