Can Spirit Babies Influence Your Journey to Motherhood with Abigail White Part One

podcast Apr 12, 2024

“Sometimes knowing about spirit babies will be helpful, and sometimes knowing that they are there can be just as much of a detriment as knowing anything else.”

Topics Discussed:

🦩The concept of spirit babies. 

🦩The influence of spirit babies on parenting and individuality. 

🦩The impact of knowing about spirit babies.

🦩Messages from spirit babies. 

🦩Understanding raising vibration and cellular health. 

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Did you know that spirit babies can influence your journey to motherhood? A spirit baby is a way to describe the soul that is preparing to join us in this life. It’s important to know that these souls exist because we exist, and they are as unique as each of us, with distinct personalities and paths.

In this episode of the Finding Fertility podcast, Abigail White discusses the concept of spirit babies and its significance in your journey to parenthood. Abigail is a professional medical intuitive and master healer who teaches you how to bridge the gap between modern and energetic medicine so you can get and stay healthy. 

Listen in to learn about the potential impact of knowing about spirit babies and some of their messages. You will also learn the importance of mental and emotional healing in your fertility journey to raise your vibration. 

“Your fertility journey is a sub-category of your large life journey, and if you’re not aware of your self-sabotage patterns, it doesn't matter if there’s a hundred babies waiting for you if you don’t show up for yourself.”

Episode Highlights:

  • [02:29] Get to know Abigail, the medical intuitive, master healer, and expert in bridging modern medical and energy perspectives.
  • [06:31] The existence of spirit babies as souls making contracts and the significance of understanding their presence in the journey to parenthood.
  • [08:54] The uniqueness of children's personalities and how spirit babies may influence their individuality.
  • [12:55] The potential impact of knowing about spirit babies, plus the importance of mental and emotional healing in the fertility journey.
  • [17:12] The messages of the spirit babies include the need for parents to understand their worthiness.
  • [21:04] The interconnection between cellular health, frequency, and the ability to hold higher vibrating entities, plus the importance of raising your vibration. 

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Listen here: Spirit Babies with Abigail White Part One

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