Spiritual Side of Fertility: The Concept of Connecting with Future Souls with Christel Part One

podcast Jun 07, 2024

“There are so many souls that want to be born, and 80% of those are born by attraction, which means that they usually don't have the preparation to come to earth.”

Topics Discussed:

🦩 Spiritual perspectives on conception.

🦩 The concept of souls choosing their parents.

🦩 Differences between birth by attraction and birth by conscious choice.

🦩 The impact of parental readiness on conception.

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Have you ever wondered if your fertility journey is more than just a physical process? Why do some people seem to conceive effortlessly while others struggle? Imagine connecting with the souls of your future children even before they are born. What if you discovered that your future child is waiting for you to get your stuff together, and then they will choose you to be their parent?

In this episode of the Finding Fertility podcast, I speak with Christel Janssen about the spiritual side of conception. Christel's journey from Holland to Hawaii opened her eyes to the unseen energies that influence our lives and our ability to conceive. She has discovered that our future kids are out there, ready to come into our lives when we are truly ready for them.

Listen in to learn the difference between birth by attraction and birth by conscious choice and why some souls are drawn to certain parents. You will also learn how to consciously prepare and align your energy to invite the right soul at the perfect moment.

“There’s a certain amount of people who almost have to get their stuff together because they’re ushering in a type of human soul that doesn’t want to deal with the BS.”

Episode Highlights:

  • [02:02] Christel shares her background, her belief in the power of choice in life, and how some souls are waiting to be called by their future parents.
  • [06:14] She explains the difference between birth by attraction and birth by conscious choice.
  • [10:33] Understanding how souls sometimes wait for specific earthly events before choosing to be born.
  • [13:34] The importance of parents getting their lives in order to attract certain types of souls.
  • [18:44] Christel outlines the first steps she suggests to her community for connecting with their future children.
  • [21:09] She describes her own experience with her daughter announcing herself before conception.

Connect with Christel:

Listen here: Spiritual Side of Fertility: The Concept of Connecting with Future Souls with Christel Part One

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