Surviving Pregnancy Announcements with Jennifer Robertson

podcast Sep 24, 2021

How do you cope with the "We're pregnant!" announcement when you and your partner are dealing with infertility?⁣⁠
I’m assuming you or someone close to you is dealing with infertility. I also have a feeling that there are at least one or two pregnancy announcements in your Facebook feed currently (or maybe more these days). ⁣⁠
Finally, I can also assume that you or someone close to you has responded to one of these pregnancy announcements by saying something along the lines of “when can we expect a pregnancy announcement from you?”⁣⁠
It’s never easy to find out they are pregnant when you’ve struggled with infertility. It comes with mixed emotions and thoughts. ⁣⁠
@msjenniferrobertson & I got together and share our stories and offer some tips on what I did while dealing with pregnancy announcements. ⁣⁠

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