The Hard Truth Why Your Health Matters Before Pregnancy & Why You're Dealing with Fertility Issues

podcast May 08, 2023

“In the society that we live in, we have to be conscious of the things we have control over and do our best to help the future of our health and our children’s health.”

Topics Discussed:

🦩 Pregnancy is not a sign of health.

🦩 Radical responsibility for childhood illnesses.

🦩 Impact of pregnancy on the mother's health.

🦩 How your health represents your unborn child’s health.

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Do you realize that fertility is not necessarily a sign of health? This is why it’s important to be conscious of the things you have control over in order to help the future of your health and your children's health.

In this episode of the Finding Fertility podcast, I demonstrate a "fertility line" and explain why most people dealing with fertility issues are below that line. I also explain the rise in childhood illnesses and the need for radical responsibility in addressing these issues.

Listen in to learn the impact of pregnancy on the mother's health and the need for a holistic approach to maintaining health and growing a healthy baby.

“You want to get to a level of health not only before your egg is released but so that baby, when it starts to take everything from you, you have enough to maintain your health and grow a healthy baby.”

Episode Highlights:

  • [02:00] Understanding the misconception that pregnancy is a sign of health and the impact of genetics and lifestyle on fertility.
  • [04:35] The concept of the fertility line and how it relates to the ability to get and stay pregnant.
  • [06:28] The importance of prevention and controlling what you can to help prevent health issues for yourself and your children.
  • [12:02] The importance of taking a break to focus on mental and emotional well-being, diet, and environmental toxins before pregnancy.
  • [15:25] The importance of getting above the fertility line to maintain health during pregnancy and avoid secondary infertility.

Listen here: The Hard Truth Why Your Health Matters Before Pregnancy & Why You're Dealing with Fertility Issues

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