The Top Thing You Need to Know about Birth Your Doctor Will Never Tell You [Pregnancy and Birth After Infertility] with Nathan Riley, MD, FACOG Part Two

podcast Jan 06, 2023

“When you get pregnant and if you want a certain type of birth, go and find that community and immerse yourself in all the knowledge and wisdom because that’s what going to get you through the situation where you might not feel secure about your decision.”

Topics Discussed:

🦩 Finding your people when pregnant for support.

🦩 Avoid stress before getting pregnant and during birth.

🦩 The benefits of natural birth over a C-section.

🦩 The benefits of following a holistic fertility process.

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What type of birth are you comfortable with? What will make you feel like you’re making the decision for you and your baby? Knowing what you need during birth and finding your voice to communicate it should be what you strive for.

In this episode of the Finding Fertility podcast, Monica continues her conversation with Nathan Riley, a holistic OBGYN who helps women find healing and achieve vitality. He has done extensive study in holistic lifestyle medicine, and his practice is based on the midwifery model.

Listen in to learn why fertility, pregnancy, and birth should be very easy for the mother when the right choices are made. You will also learn about the benefits of a natural conception and delivery that your doctor doesn’t talk about.

“Forget about what the doctors have said; you can do this; you just need to find the right team to help get all of these little modifiable risk factors out of the way, so we get you that family you’re called to have.”

Episode Highlights:

  • [4:16] Why you should only worry about the location of your birth, who you surround yourself with, and how you want your birth process to go.
  • [11:42] The importance of knowing what you need and finding your voice to communicate those needs.
  • [13:47] How natural birth exposes babies to oxytocin (the love hormone) as opposed to a C-section birth.
  • [24:33] The subtle changes you can make to get naturally pregnant and have a natural birth.
  • [27:36] Nathan explains who he works with and all the factors he looks into for a holistic process.

Listen here: The Top Thing You Need to Know about Birth Your Doctor Will Never Tell You [Pregnancy and Birth After Infertility] with Nathan Riley, MD, FACOG Part Two


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