What Do You Do When You're Told YOU CAN'T TTC Because of Your Autoimmune Issue with Jessica Lorion

podcast Jul 07, 2023

“It’s in hearing stories from each other that we can lift each other and have the confidence to advocate for ourselves, change those stories, and know that we don’t have to take that answer to be what it is.”

Topics Discussed:

🦩 The importance of reversing an autoimmune issue.

🦩 How to set yourself up for success in pregnancy and postpartum.

🦩 The role of mental and emotional factors in autoimmune issues.

🦩 How to heal an autoimmune disease through diet and mindset.

🦩 The benefits of podcasts for learning and researching about fertility.  

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What is your mindset after receiving an autoimmune diagnosis? Whether you have infertility issues or have been forced into a period of waiting by an autoimmune diagnosis, not accepting your fate with an extreme diagnosis and exploring your options is important.

In this episode of the Finding Fertility podcast, I speak with Jessica Lorion, actor, voiceover artist, and Mamas in Training podcast host. She may not be a mother yet, but her passion for supporting and being part of the fertility and motherhood community inspired her to learn and share knowledge during her own period of waiting.

Listen in to learn about the connection between mental and emotional well-being and physical health when it comes to fertility. You will also learn the importance of addressing underlying emotional issues and finding support through community and resources.

“If you look at a period of waiting or any type of fertility challenge as an opportunity to get yourself as healthy as you can, it’s only going to benefit your actual pregnancy, post-partum experience, and post-partum recovery mentally and physically.”

Episode Highlights:

  • [02:21] Jessica’s background and experience with infertility due to an autoimmune disease.
  • [03:45] Why she chose to focus on positivity and learning during her healing and waiting period.
  • [07:56] The importance of mindset when faced with a challenging diagnosis and taking a proactive approach to health and fertility.
  • [11:04] The importance of taking this as an opportunity to figure out how to set yourself up for success in pregnancy and postpartum.
  • [14:55] Exploring the connection between mental and emotional factors and the physical manifestation of autoimmune issues.
  • [22:38] The importance of building a support community to uplift and help you learn about fertility and motherhood.
  • [26:03] The convenience and privacy of using podcasts to gain knowledge and research topics related to fertility.
  • [28:07] The three pillars of advocacy, planning and preparing, and community support as essential steps to navigate the fertility journey.

Connect with Jessica:

Listen here: What Do You Do When You're Told YOU CAN'T TTC Because of Your Autoimmune Issue with Jessica Lorion

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