What factors affect fertility? Top Two Hidden Factors F*cking With Your Fertility

podcast Jul 27, 2021

Infertility sucks. You’ve got random strangers looking up your lady bits for the answers & when you’re dealing with unexplained infertility, you seem to get double the amount of down below investigations. I know this was so true for me during my infertility years!

Topics Discussed:

🦩 Top Two Factors highly likely affecting your fertility

Listen to this Finding Fertility Podcast here: What factors affect fertility? Top Two Hidden Factors F*cking With Your Fertility

I guess five years of unexplained infertility will do that. But when I found the root cause of my unexplained infertility, the really shitty fact of the matter was that to solve & reconnect my fertility I didn’t have to have one person look up my lady bits or one invasive procedure.

Some of the factors that affect fertility have nothing to do with your reproductive system whatsoever. Sarah & I dive deep into the top two hidden factors ducking with your fertility.

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