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What You Need To Know About Coronavirus and Your Fertility

podcast Mar 13, 2020
We've got a BONUS episode of The Fertility Connection Talk Show discussing What You Need To Know About Coronavirus and Your Fertility
Today we wanted to dig into what you need to know about the coronavirus and the impact on your fertility
The world is grappling with an issue of enormous scale and human impact, and our hearts go out to all who have been affected by the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19).
You may have heard that the American Society for Reproductive Technology has released a statement regarding fertility treatment or desiring pregnancy during the coronavirus outbreak:
“Given the information we do have, while it would be wise for individuals with confirmed or presumed COVID-19 infection to avoid pregnancy, there appears to be no cause for alarm for those already pregnant”.
Please see more information here.
During difficult times, things can seem out of our control and that can give rise to panic (ie. rushing to the store buying up all the toilet paper).
And while it is important to minimize our risk and follow the CDC guidelines, it is also equally important to note that there are steps we can take right now to prepare our body for a baby.
  • Use this time to prepare physically – the foundation of a functional approach to fertility is to address the root cause of infertility.  Not to focus on the diagnosis but figure out WHY it’s not working in the first place. There is no downside to addressing underlying stressors such as food sensitivities, gut infections, and environmental toxins. Our health matters for a healthy pregnancy. While the fertility clinics may not be able to offer many options to you at this time – there are still options you can do right now to prepare your body for a baby so that you can be more successful in the long term.
  • Use this time to prepare emotionally – we can eat the right diet and address the food sensitivities and gut infections – but if we haven’t addressed the trauma, fear, grief, frustration, anxiety – this can impact our health at a cellular level.  Taking the time now to build a solid foundation to help you feel empowered, resilient and able to cope during times of stress and ambiguity is essential. The fertility clinic may be delaying treatment, but your mindset is something that is essential for your success.  As our world is changing quickly, however, you can learn how to empower yourself to see a positive outcome to build your family.
  • Use this time to focus on you as a couple.  Your treatment and immediate plans for pregnancy may be delayed and you could both feel stuck, without a plan to move forward.  However, we can use this time to set up a strong foundation for your future child. Whether it’s working on your relationship, focusing on your physical health, getting the right tests to figure out WHY it’s not working in the first place – there are positive steps you can take right NOW.  Creating a united front so you both can move forward with a plan that works for you can set you up for success. You’ll move through this difficult time with ease and be able to see a clear path forward.
Although it can be tempting to worry and feel like there is nothing you can do – know that you can either react or respond.  When we respond (in a way that feels authentic to us) we can then gain perspective and see a clear path forward.
Coronavirus IS here for the foreseeable future and it means that fertility treatments may be delayed or cancelled. So now really IS the time for you to get on board with my proven functional medicine approach and get pregnant naturally.
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