What You Need to Know About the Energetic Side of Fertility Issues & Infertility Abigail White Medical Intuitive

podcast Aug 04, 2023

“Emotions are how your body speaks to you; emotions are energy and motions.”

Topics Discussed:

🦩 The importance of understanding emotions.

🦩 The impact of energy and trauma in reproductive issues.

🦩 How to reverse your health and age in reverse.

🦩 The power of radical honesty and self-reflection.

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How connected is your physical and energetic health? To completely transform your healing, it’s important to address both physical and energetic health. Energy blockage in your chakras can negatively affect your fertility, creativity, and family growth.

In this episode of the Finding Fertility podcast, I speak with Abigail White, the creator of Breath of Life, a master healer and medical intuitive specializing in medical intuition. She helps people with their healing journey through medical intuitive, trauma, and integration work paired with handmade healing tools. She shares how her personal healing journey inspired her to help others.

Listen in to learn the importance of addressing both physical and energetic health aspects for a balanced and complete healing process. You will also learn the concept of aging in reverse and the importance of radical honesty in personal growth and fertility journeys.

“If you’re looking for the next step in understanding how to reach and maintain your optimal level of health, understand your emotions.”

Episode Highlights:

  • [01:58] Abigail shares her medical background and journey to discovering herself and creating Breath of Life.
  • [06:52] The importance of understanding and acknowledging a wider range of emotions beyond happy, mad, and sad.
  • [12:01] The overdiagnosis of endometriosis and the role of stuck energy and trauma in reproductive issues.
  • [14:38] The importance of addressing physical and energetic aspects for a balanced and complete healing process.
  • [18:40] Why controlling and aligning energy is the hardest part of the healing process.
  • [21:11] The possibility of aging in reverse and the importance of making healthy choices for overall well-being.
  • [24:28] How to self-reflect and be radically honest with yourself to confront and truly love the ugly parts within.

Connect with Abigail:

Listen here: What You Need to Know About the Energetic Side of Fertility Issues & Infertility Abigail White Medical Intuitive

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