Why I called BS on Conventional Treatments for PCOS || Clare Goodwin :: The PCOS Nutritionist

podcast Nov 26, 2019
Today we have Clare Goodwin on the podcast talking about when she called Bullsh*t on conventional treatments for PCOS!
Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a very common endocrine condition, which affects approximately 5-10% of young women. Woman with PCOS are often put on the pill at a young age, which can cause more chaos when you're ready to start trying to conceive.
PCOS and infertility can go hand in hand. PCOS can negatively impact your fertility due to the fact your body does not release an egg, each month because of the overproduction of estrogen by the ovaries.
When ovulation does not occur regularly, periods become irregular and increased levels of hormones such as testosterone, which can have a big impact on egg quality. PCOS can lead to insulin resistance, and increase the risk disorders such as gestational diabetes.
That's a lot to take in & we haven't even covered abnormal hair growth, acne & weight gain!
I wanted to have Clare on the podcast, because she is the perfect example of taking control & calling BS on the way conventional medicine was treating her PCOS. She was following it all to a T & still feeling like shit. She started to do things a little differently & found she could not only manage her PCOS but thrive.
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