Why Your Fertility Affirmations Aren’t Working

podcast Apr 07, 2023

“If you’re saying affirmations you subconsciously don’t believe, it’s going to take you a really long time for those affirmations to work.”

Topics Discussed:

🦩 Misconceptions about spirituality and affirmations.  

🦩 How to address the root cause of subconscious blocks.

🦩 Modalities to retrain the brain and overcome subconscious blocks.

🦩 Setting boundaries to protect your overall well-being.

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Are you struggling to stay positive and motivated even with daily affirmations? Mental and emotional blocks could hinder you from progressing with the right mindset.  

In this episode of the Finding Fertility podcast, I share tips for pushing through mental and emotional blocks hindering your fertility journey. I emphasize the importance of addressing both physical and emotional issues related to infertility and being honest about what is and is not working.

Listen in to learn how your deeply rooted subconscious blocks may be related to past traumas and experiences. You will also learn the importance of exploring modalities like EFT tapping to work through these mental and emotional issues.

“Sometimes when you’re not getting through that barrier, and you’re not feeling or seeing the results that you want, it’s a subconscious block.”

Episode Highlights:

  • [02:15] How your subconscious mind creates mental and emotional blocks and how to overcome them.
  • [05:06] How past traumas and experiences can be the root cause of subconscious blocks and how to address them.
  • [07:10] Exploring the connection between physical elements and mental and emotional health.
  • [10:07] Recognize when mental and emotional support is not working and reevaluate the approach.
  • [11:33] How to use intuition to recognize when something is not in alignment and readdress the situation.
  • [13:34] Modalities to help retrain the subconscious mind and overcome subconscious blocks.
  • [16:34] The importance of making choices that positively impact your physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

 Listen here: Why Your Fertility Affirmations Aren’t Working

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