Why Me? The Toughest Question You've Asked Yourself During Infertility

podcast May 28, 2021

“The mindset is the number one thing missing from your fertility diet.”

Topics Discussed:

🦩Asking the question ‘why me’.

🦩How living in a physical world causes physical problems.

🦩The power of investigating the emotional and spiritual side.

🦩Understanding that we do difficult things for the future.

When we are on the infertility journey it can be really to ask ourselves the question ‘why me’?  What did we do to deserve this and we can go to a very dark place.  But we have to realize that this isn’t necessarily any fault of our own. 

It’s not the universe telling us we are a bad person.  Rather it has to do with the genes we have been given, and the lifestyle and diet choices we have made over our life.  

“The diet and lifestyle you’ve been living have a huge impact on your fertility.”

We live in a physical world and physical things are going to happen to us because of that, just know it is not anything against you.  I dive into the emotional and the spiritual elements of that and how we need to dive deep into our thought process. 

While that alone is not enough, it is a vital part of the process as we change our lifestyle to support our overall health and the future health of our children.

“You have the power to improve your situation.”

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