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Is Your Childhood Programming Contributing to Your Fertility Issues? With Cara Part One

podcast Jan 19, 2024

“When you’re on the fertility journey, no one tells you at the beginning that it is a multi-layered system.”

Topics Discussed:

Understanding there’s a way around your prognosis.

The importance of healing childhood traumas.

The multi-layered system that is the fertility...

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Why Your Holistic Functional Fertility Practices Aren’t ”Working” During Fertility Treatment

podcast Jan 05, 2024

“You have to slow down; you have to take a break from these medical treatments to give your body time to heal.”

Topics Discussed:

The need to give your body time to heal.

How to balance holistic and medical treatments.

Setting up yourself and your kids for future health.


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Believing in Motherhood: Finding Hope and Inspiration during Fertility Issues & Infertility

podcast Dec 29, 2023

“The more you can practice opening yourself up to receiving and surrendering to the amazing possibilities and getting out of your head and the expectations and the assumptions, the more the universe will show you and guide you along the way.”

Topics Discussed:

Opening yourself up to...

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The Hardest Part of Infertility & What You Need to Do to Overcome It

podcast Dec 15, 2023

“If there’s something in your life that you’re avoiding and you know if you get real with yourself, it’s where the radical responsibility kicks in; that’s what you need to be doing.”

Topics Discussed:

Surrendering to find the root cause of infertility.


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Have You Waited Too Long to Have a Baby? With Deborah Fryer

podcast Dec 08, 2023

“Be super conscious of your language and do whatever you can do to support the inner environment that is supportive, nurturing, and inviting to that baby out there looking for someone to be its mom.”

Topics Discussed:

The struggle of feeling worthy and capable.

The choice between...

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How to Trust Your Body After Years of Infertility & Failed IVFs

podcast Dec 01, 2023

“You might need three months just to sort out the upstream shit before it can even impact the fertility stuff because everything happens upstream.”

Topics Discussed:

The importance of having trust in the body.

The time it takes to see holistic approach benefits.

The power of...

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Why You Might Want to Stop TTC when Dealing with Fertility Issues, especially High NK Cells, Thyroid Issues & Re-occurring Miscarriages

podcast Nov 24, 2023

“I truly believe that most pregnancies are written in the stars, meaning that when you get pregnant, there's little to nothing you can do to make or break the pregnancy.”

Topics Discussed:

Addressing underlying health issues during pregnancy.

Risks of continuing to try to conceive...

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From Doubt to Natural Conception: Yael’s Astrological Journey to Parenthood After Years of Infertility Part 2

podcast Nov 10, 2023

“Most women and spiritual people don’t have strong sun energy because we’re running away from our ego and desires.”

Topics Discussed:

Impact of Jupiter transitions on fertility and family expansion.

The role of desires and ego in manifestation.

How to create joy and...

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Uncovering the Hidden Secrets of Fertility Through Astrology with Yael Part One

podcast Nov 03, 2023

“Astrology is another type of support that you can get in order to be aligned with yourself because when you’re aligned with your truth, your dreams come true.”

Topics Discussed:

The evolution of astrology and the existing misconceptions and limitations.

Understanding feminine...

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Is Past Narcissistic Emotional Abuse Contributing to Your Fertility Issues with Dr. Deb Haworth

podcast Oct 20, 2023

“Over time, when you’re going through emotionally abusive experiences and abusive experiences in general, it drains your energy and can make you sick.”

Topics Discussed:

The impact of childhood experiences on overall health.

The connection between emotional abuse and fertility...

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