Drunk and Pregnant 😵

fertility tips Jun 06, 2021

You know that girl who gets DRUNK & PREGNANT 🤪 [b*tch]

That was me 4 years ago almost to the day. 

 YEP- I WAS DRUNK & PREGNANT! Drinking beer for the first time in years! 

2 months after my miscarriage I went on a girls weekend to Palma & got drunk as fu*k. I bought tampons because I was going to get my period this weekend. It didn't come.

 But I didn't give a second thought to it. 


After 8 years of never being pregnant natural, being a day or two late was nothing new.

I wasn't giving up on my health and new lifestyle, but this weekend I was off the wagon! But, here's the thing. 

Letting go & relaxing didn't make this pregnancy happen. 

I put in the work to figure out my infertility issues and work on what my body needed for months/years.  

All the hard work slowly added up.

I wasn't perfect all the time, but I was doing what my body needed to get back to a truly healthy state more than 90% of the time. 

I got healthy, healthy enough to get & stay pregnant without a truckload of drugs.  

NO INSTANT RESULTS. I took care of my health & my fertility blossomed from that. This didn't mean I was going to win every time. 

NO GUARANTEES.  I just had a miscarriage after our last FET with two good looking embryos & using immune-suppressing drugs. 

I just kept the blind belief that what I was doing was right for my body.

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