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How to Boost Your Sex Life During Infertility with Carla Wainwright

podcast Oct 13, 2023

“Women need time to get turned on; we need connection, communication, tenderness; we need to build intimacy, then sex is more likely to be pleasurable.”

Topics Discussed:

The importance of prioritizing pleasure and intimacy in a relationship.

Overcoming societal shame and repression...

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Learn The Lesson of Breaking Generational Patterns for Fertility Success with Lachelle Wieme Part 2

podcast Sep 29, 2023

“Once you start to find healthy ways to express your emotions and to live with the crappy stuff that happens to all of us, and you figure out ways to cope in a way that is going to consistently move you forward, not only are you helping yourself but you’re also helping the children...

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Let Go of Guilt and Shame to Transform Your Fertility Journey with Lachelle Wieme Part 1

podcast Sep 22, 2023

“Shame and guilt keep us at the bottom of the emotional vibrational scale.”

Topics Discussed:

The emotional impact of grieving the loss of fertility dreams.

The power of vibrational energy.

The subconscious mind and fertility issues.

The power of thoughts and emotions.


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Enhancing Fertility Through Functional Medicine - Using Nutrigenomics to Solve Unexplained Infertility with Jaclyn Downs MS, CHC, CD

podcast Sep 15, 2023

“So much of what we do years before we even get pregnant and then trying to get pregnant affects the health of our offspring, not just our children but their children and even down the line further.”

What are you doing to find the root cause of your body’s fertility issues? Have...

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How Much Does Gut Health Really Impact Fertility? with Karin Binghart

podcast Sep 01, 2023

“Everything in our bodies is made up from the foods we eat, so if you think that whatever you’re putting in your body isn’t making you who you are, you’re wrong.”

Topics Discussed:

The importance of addressing gut health.

The negative effects of antibiotics on the...

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Is IVF F*cking Your Fertility More than Helping?

podcast Aug 25, 2023

“Your mental, emotional, and physical health impacts your fertility health; there’s no separation between the two.”

Topics Discussed:

The negative impact of continuous fertility treatments drug use.

The detrimental effects of long-term birth control.

The disempowerment of...

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The Trauma and Triumphs of Donor-Conceived Individuals with Laura High

podcast Aug 18, 2023

“Donor-conceived people have to live with the choices the recipient parents made more than anyone else.”

Topics Discussed:

Importance of addressing trauma before starting assisted reproduction.

The significance of acknowledging the biological parent in donor-conceived families.


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The Dark Side of the Infertility Industry: Advocating for the Rights of Donor-Conceived Individuals with Laura High

podcast Aug 11, 2023


“The pain, stigma, and callousness against infertility drive people to operate in the dark and not talk to their community about this.”

Topics Discussed:

The importance of being told about donor conception.

The safety and health of donor-recipient parents.  

Evidence of...

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What You Need to Know About the Energetic Side of Fertility Issues & Infertility Abigail White Medical Intuitive

podcast Aug 04, 2023

“Emotions are how your body speaks to you; emotions are energy and motions.”

Topics Discussed:

The importance of understanding emotions.

The impact of energy and trauma in reproductive issues.

How to reverse your health and age in reverse.

The power of radical honesty and...

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Breaking the Taboo: Honest Conversations About Fertility Issues, How to Live in Possibility & Reclaiming Your Fertility in the "Infertility Industry" with Molly Nichols Part Two

podcast Jul 28, 2023

“When someone gives a pregnancy announcement, and you feel triggered, allow yourself to feel all the feels and don’t deny it or try to push it away.”

Topics Discussed:

The importance of following your intuition.

How to change things and become a conscious mama.

How to view...

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