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How to Improve Your Situation When Dealing with Secondary Infertility, Reoccurring Miscarriages & Extreme Fatigue and Exhaustion with Dr. Jenny Tufenkian Part Two

podcast Jan 30, 2023

“Find that place inside of yourself where you really stop and then train yourself to create those moments throughout the day.”

Topics Discussed:

How your cortisol-stress phase can lead to infertility.

Find joyful moments in your day to reset your system.

Find what works for you to...

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Dealing With Secondary Infertility, Reoccurring Miscarriages & Extreme Fatigue and Exhaustion with Dr. Jenny Tufenkian Part One

podcast Jan 27, 2023

“All healing journeys have an opportunity for us to grow in some way as hard as they are.”

Topics Discussed:

How to turn your healing journey into a growth opportunity.

The importance of slowing down and surrendering.

How surrendering brings joy back into your life.

Do you realize...

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How to Use Blood Work to Find the Root Cause of Your Infertility with Julie Alsaker

podcast Jan 20, 2023

“There are things that are good for everybody, there are things that are bad for everybody, but there’s a lot that’s unique to you.”

Topics Discussed:

How to teach yourself and trust your intuition.

The tools that functional medicine offers for a lifetime of health.


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Confessions of a Holistic Functional Fertility Health Coach

podcast Jan 16, 2023

“When you feel like it’s not working, it’s not because the things you’re not doing right now aren’t the right steps; you might just need to add a layer or two onto those steps.”

Topics Discussed:

How to commit to your health and stick to it.

Factors that...

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How to Follow Your Intuition During IVF & IUI Treatment

podcast Jan 09, 2023

“You have to learn to listen to your body and not be distracted by outside situations, society, or your doctor saying something.”

Topics Discussed:

Learning how to listen to your intuition.

How to slow down and get in tune.   

Mastering the practice of listening to your...

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The Top Thing You Need to Know about Birth Your Doctor Will Never Tell You [Pregnancy and Birth After Infertility] with Nathan Riley, MD, FACOG Part Two

podcast Jan 06, 2023

“When you get pregnant and if you want a certain type of birth, go and find that community and immerse yourself in all the knowledge and wisdom because that’s what going to get you through the situation where you might not feel secure about your decision.”

Topics Discussed:


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Pregnancy and Birth After Infertility with Nathan Riley, MD, FACOG Part One

podcast Jan 02, 2023

“If you can appreciate where in your life you have control, there’s incredible power.”

Topics Discussed:

How to shift your resources and focus to things you can control.

The importance of taking care of your body before and during pregnancy.

How to create your reality by...

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DUTCH Testing to Regulate Your Hormones and Boost Your Fertility

podcast Dec 29, 2022

“The slowing down, the reducing stress, the mental-emotional stuff is what is going to help resolve your hormone issues more than any tangible things.”

Topics Discussed:

 The importance of getting the DUTCH testing.

 How to slow down and manage stress.

 How to set...

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Using Human Design to Boost Your Fertility with Fauzia Morgan

podcast Dec 15, 2022

“Because human design is a symphysis of so many traditions and modern science, it allows us to really hone in on the unique energetic makeup of the individual.”

Topics Discussed:

How human design permits us to be ourselves.

Human design gives you the validation you need from...

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How I Got Pregnant Naturally with Thyroid Issues - Fauzia Morgan

podcast Dec 08, 2022

“We all have our own timing, and it’s a matter of trusting in that timing and not comparing ourselves to other people.”

Topics Discussed:

Stop comparing yourself and focus on changing your lifestyle.

Work on your self-limiting beliefs so you can surrender to the flow of life.

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