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How to Use an Autoimmune Paleo Diet to Improve Your Fertility with Alexa Federico

podcast Dec 17, 2021

“You don’t have to be perfect, even eliminating certain things dramatically reduces your inflammation, and your body is able to restore.”

Topics Discussed:

  • The health benefits of an AIP diet.
  • The impact of environmental and lifestyle factors on your diet and health.
  • How to...
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How to Lower Your Toxins to Help Improve Your Fertility with Wendie Trubow author of Dirty Girl: Ditch the Toxins, Look Great and Feel FREAKING AMAZING!

podcast Dec 10, 2021


“A lot of people are dealing with thyroid issues in the fertility space, and they don’t realize that those products are actually directly impacting the root cause of their thyroid issues.”

Topics Discussed:

  • How we get exposed and accumulate toxins over time.
  • Choosing...
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How I Got Pregnant Naturally After Years of Dealing With Secondary Infertility with Kezia Okafor

podcast Dec 03, 2021

“We underestimate the emotional and the mental side massively in infertility.”

Topics Discussed:

The survival nature of our brains, which can lead to infertility.

The connection between self-development work and fertility.

Be fulfilled and happy to be in the knowing that pregnancy is...

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Using Functional Medicine to Improve Fertility with Jaclyn Downs

podcast Nov 26, 2021

“Giving somebody more iron to raise their iron levels can be really problematic and cause a lot of inflammation.”

Topics Discussed:

Iron utilization vs. acquisition for inflammation reduction.

Impacts of oxidative stress on fertility.

How well are you taking care of your overall...

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Can I do IVF with thyroid problems? How to Better Your Chances With the Right Support During Your Infertility Journey with Joy Lechner

podcast Nov 19, 2021

“Your thyroid is important not only to get pregnant but to stay pregnant, to have a healthy successful pregnancy, to give birth, and to recover.”

Topics Discussed:

Vegetarianism/veganism and fertility health.

Thyroid issues and infertility.  

The impact of your gut on fertility...

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Dealing with Trauma Durning Infertility & Using Emotional Freedom Tapping to Support Your Journey with Naomi Woolfson from Embrace Fertility

podcast Nov 12, 2021

Topics Discussed:

Getting into the infertility root cause through EFT Tapping.

Impacts of trauma on fertility health.

Embrace your positive and negative emotions by practicing EFT Tapping.

Listen here: Dealing with Trauma Durning Infertility & Using Emotional Freedom Tapping to Support Your...

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Dealing with Unexplained Infertility and Building Your Community with Brooklyn from Woven Social

podcast Nov 05, 2021

Topics Discussed:

Supportive systems for women with fertility issues.

Infertility vs. having fertility issues.

“There’s a different kind of connection when you’re allowed to be yourself and people know who you are.”

Listen here: Dealing with Unexplained Infertility...

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Are Your Thyroid Issues Impacting Your Fertility? Dani Williamson Author of Wild & Well: Dani’s Six Common Sense Steps to Radical Healing

podcast Oct 29, 2021

Topics Discussed:

Hashimoto’s impacts on fertility.

Benefits of protecting your thyroid.

How the gut is connected with the brain.

“Hashimoto’s is the number one undiagnosed autoimmune disease in the United States.”

Are Your Thyroid Issues Impacting Your Fertility? Dani...

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Improve Your Gut and Fertility Health by Adding Variety to Your Diet

podcast Oct 22, 2021

Topics Discussed:

Improve your immune health by adding varieties of foods to your diet.

Focus on your normal health issues to improve your egg quality.

Do you realize that your fertility issues reflect your body’s general health issues?

“It’s really important to focus on all the...

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How Your Mental/Emotional Issues Impact Your Fertility Health with Stesha Reukauf

podcast Oct 15, 2021

Topics Discussed:

Mental/emotional trauma and fertility health.

Work on your inner child and transform your overall health.

Practice emotional healing to unstuck your fertility.

  • “It’s a huge step to allow sensations in your body to be there and emotions to be there.”

Is it...

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