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Can a 'Fertility Diet' Actually Improve Your Chances of Getting Pregnant?

podcast Jun 08, 2021

Are you on a "Fertility Diet" to help increase your chances of getting pregnant naturally or to improve your chances of IVF success?

Do you feel like it's just not working for you? For the simple fact that you're not pregnant yet, or you can't maintain a healthy pregnancy. I feel ya girl - I was...

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Secondary Infertility & Recurring Miscarriages || Q&A

podcast Jun 04, 2021

“Stress can lead to pregnancy issues.”

Topics Discussed:

Recurring miscarriages

Determining how stressed out you are.

Finding out your egg quality.

Getting pregnant and the covid vaccine. 


“Pregnancy is not a sign of health.”

When we are on the infertility...

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Why Me? The Toughest Question You've Asked Yourself During Infertility

podcast May 28, 2021

“The mindset is the number one thing missing from your fertility diet.”

Topics Discussed:

Asking the question ‘why me’.

How living in a physical world causes physical problems.

The power of investigating the emotional and spiritual side.

Understanding that we do difficult...

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Common Issues with Fertility Diet Changes || Q&A Part 2

podcast May 21, 2021

"Start with where you are at."

Topics Discussed:

Why you feel like crap when you start an autoimmune diet.

How fast should you cut out unhealthy foods?

Histamine foods, what they are, and if you should have them.

Natural laxatives.

Are juice cleanses necessary?

When you start eating right...

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My Fertility Diet Doesn't Work! What Should I Do?

podcast May 14, 2021

“Digging deeper is sometimes really necessary.”

Topics Discussed:

E numbers and oils, and are they hurting you?

Why when you start eating clean you can feel like crap.

How long do you need to be on your specific diet?

Passing down dirty genes.

In this episode, I am discussing a lot of...

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What's the Number One Thing Missing From Your Fertility Diet || Q&A Part 2

podcast May 07, 2021

“The number one thing missing from your diet is your mindset.”

Topics Discussed:

How diet affects your inflammation levels.

How trauma affects your health.

Secondary infertility explained.

What to do for endometriosis.

In this episode, I am answering your questions and we dive into...

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Is My PMS Affecting My Fertility?

podcast Apr 30, 2021

“If your cycle is irregular this is a big sign that your health is not where it should be.”


Topics Discussed:

Are irregular menstrual cycles normal?

What is normal when you have your period?

How we should approach and respond to tests.

What is the best type of food intolerance...

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Top 2 Things You Need to Maintain Your Fertility Diet || Q&A PART 2

podcast Apr 23, 2021

Infertility is all about finding that root cause.


Topics Discussed:

Diets for PCOS

The Importance of your thyroid health.

Getting your spouse on board.


In today’s episode, I am answering questions I have received.  Everyone’s journey is unique and not the same exact...

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Top 2 Things You Need to Maintain Your Fertility Diet || Q&A PART 1

podcast Apr 16, 2021

Functional medicine should not be a class or money thing.


Topics Discussed:

The top two things you need to commit to finding your right diet.

The importance of accountability.

Why you need self-love.

How willpower is not enough.

When it comes to following through with things we are much...

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Q&A: How to Improve Egg Quality Before IVF Q&A PART 2

podcast Apr 09, 2021

“The issue with fertility is that we need our whole body and it’s all connected.”


Topics Discussed:

Warning signs that we often think are normal.

The cause of cysts and how to deal with them.

How to lower your inflammation.

Dealing with stress.


In this episode, I...

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