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How to Improve Egg Quality Before IVF || Q&A PART1

podcast Apr 02, 2021

“At the end of the day, it’s your body that has to create the eggs.”

Topics Discussed:

How to best prepare for IVF.

Why IVF is not enough sometimes.

How do you tell if you are intolerant to specific foods?

Improving your egg quality.

On Todays episodes of the Finding Fertility...

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Boost Your Fertility Naturally & Get Closer to Creating the Family of Your DREAMS

podcast Mar 26, 2021

We can do ourselves a huge favor by sometimes sitting down and being still. 

Topics Discussed:

Steps to find your fertility.

Changing your lifestyle.

The importance of rest and recovery.

How the Finding Fertility Program works.


When it comes to your fertility journey it can be...

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How To Improve Your Chances of Getting & Staying Pregnant :: Q&A Part Two

podcast Mar 19, 2021

“Fertility is fickle, there is nothing written in stone.”

Topics Discussed:

Will cysts go away on their own?

How birth control changes our hormones and fertility health. 

How your body needs to reset once getting off birth control.

Dealing with stress and anxiety.


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Fertility Diet to Improve Egg Quality :: Q&A Part One

podcast Mar 12, 2021

“Diet is one of the hardest things to tackle next to mindset.”

Topics Discussed:

Digging into food intolerance.

The best tests for intolerances.

Is water fasting good for us? 

Managing endometriosis.

On today's episode of the  Finding Fertility PodcastFertility Diet...

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How to Deal With the Lows of Infertility

podcast Mar 05, 2021

“Motherhood doesn’t define us.”

Topics Discussed:

Focusing inward on our journey.

The importance of focusing on your mindset.

Finding your value.

Maintaining sanity during this pandemic. 

On today's episode of the  Finding Fertility Podcast :: How to Deal...

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How to Get Your Partner to Take a Sperm Test

podcast Feb 26, 2021

“Start where you are at.”

Topics Discussed:

Low sex drive

Managing Stress

Dealing with self-blame

When to use supplements.

On today's episode of the  Finding Fertility Podcast :: How to Get Your Partner to Take a Sperm Test

 “There’s no past life...

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Is Secondary Infertility the Same as Unexplained Infertility?

podcast Feb 18, 2021

“Don’t feel overwhelmed that you have to fix all these issues.”

Topics Discussed:

What tipping points look like.

How past trauma affects your physical body.

How other issues trickle down to infertility.

How to tackle root causes. 


On today's episode of the ...

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How to Deal with Recurrent Miscarriages

podcast Feb 12, 2021

 “Take a stance for your body.”

Topics Discussed:

Miscarriages and the misconceptions of doctors.

 Improving your egg quality.

How failure can push us forward.

Fighting for your body with your doctor.

On today's episode of the  Finding Fertility Podcast ...

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What is the Best Fertility Diet?

podcast Feb 05, 2021

“You can be eating the perfect diet but if you are not addressing your stress it can wreak havoc.”

Topics Discussed:

 Finding your inflammatory foods.

 Changing your autoimmune disorder through food.

 How to improve your gut health.

On today's episode of the  ...

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Q&A || How Long Does it Take To Improve Your Chances of Getting Pregnant by Improving Your Gut Health?

podcast Jan 29, 2021

 “When you put something in your mouth, your gut has to deal with it.”

Topics Discussed:

 How your gut is always regenerating. 

 How long is right for you to “reset”?

 Why there is more than what the doctors tell you. 

Q&A || How Long Does...

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