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Top steps to take before doing IVF with Dr. Aumatma Part Two

podcast Jun 24, 2022

“You’re genetically prone to things and they’re happening because of all your lifestyle factors, even your childhood has added up to this.”

Topics Discussed:

  Fix your mindset as you fix the physical things.

  The challenges of maintaining a pregnancy...

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Finding the root cause of reoccurring miscarries with Dr. Aumatma Part One

podcast Jun 17, 2022

“People’s lives could dramatically change if they allow themselves to tap into these resources of health and wellness.”

Topics Discussed:

 Masculine vs. feminine energy in fertility journey.

 Why male health is crucial in fertility and pregnancy health.

 How we...

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How food sensitivities can trigger low-level inflammation, making them potential suspects in any case of infertility.

podcast Jun 10, 2022

“When we’re consuming too many products that we’re intolerant to and is causing inflammation, that’s when the body has a big issue processing things.”

Topics Discussed:

Foods to stay away from when intolerant to caffeine or dairy.

A food reintroduction phase guide...

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Drinking when trying to conceive: Alcohol the effect it has on your life & fertility with Michelle Kapler Part Two

podcast Jun 03, 2022

“Whatever anxieties and self-doubt you have, whatever inner turmoil you’re carrying with you, you’ll just take it into parenthood.”

Topics Discussed:

The mommy-wine culture and it’s harmful messaging.

Stop labeling yourself and shift your identity.

The importance...

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Drinking when trying to conceive: Alcohol the effect it has on your life & fertility with Michelle Kapler Part One

podcast May 27, 2022

“High achieving type A millennial women are really good at having a goal and grinding it out and making it happen even if we’re feeling internally tormented.”

Topics Discussed:

 The shame cycle of high functioning alcoholism.

 How negative habits like alcoholism are...

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The Importance of Your Thyroid Health Before You Get Pregnant with Dr. Rodger H. Murphree, DC, CNS

podcast May 20, 2022

 “The two primary drivers of chronic conditions and poor health are stress and inflammation.”

Topics Discussed:

 Improper diagnosis and treatment of thyroid.

 How stress triggers dysfunctional thyroid.

 How thyroid regulates good health.

If you’re struggling...

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Dealing With Hormonal Imbalances & Secondary Infertility

podcast May 13, 2022

“When you’re dealing with fertility issues and everything is fine in the doctor’s office, that’s when you have to start going inwards and get really real with yourself.”

Topics Discussed:

The hidden things that lead to stress and hormonal imbalance.

Impacts of...

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What Your Period is Telling You About Your Fertility Health with Sarah Byrne

podcast May 06, 2022

"How much more powerful do you feel as a woman who understands her menstrual cycle?”

Topics Discussed:

 The power of listening to your feminine intuition.

 The contribution of the pill to infertility and general health.

 Don’t ignore your gut, mental, and reproductive...

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Is Stress Contributing to My Recurring Miscarriages? 🦩 Podcast Discovery Call

discovery calls podcast Apr 29, 2022


“When you’re always in flight and fight mode, your body never has time to recover.”

Topics Discussed:

The contribution of genetics and lifestyle to egg quality.

Diet and stress changes to make to improve egg quality before IVF.

Give yourself time to heal from a...

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Is Glyphosate Impacting My Fertility with Joy Lecher

podcast Apr 22, 2022

“Gut health is the foundation for our fertility; if we’re not getting the nutrients from our food, then we’re not being able to set the foundation of a healthy pregnancy.”

Topics Discussed:

 How glyphosate correlates with infertility.

 Benefits of eliminating...

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