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Grieving For the Child That Should Have Been in The World

podcast Sep 09, 2022


“We beat ourselves up so hard during this journey because time is our currency.”

Topics Discussed:

Change the negative words you tell yourself and be consistent.

Let go of your worry about the plans you had around your unborn baby.

Keep believing in your ability to make your...

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The Gut-Fertility Connection - Improve Your Gut Health to Increase Your chances of Getting Pregnant When Dealing with Infertility

gut health Sep 03, 2022

Sometimes fertility has nothing to do with your lady bits!

In fact, there’s a BIG chance the issue lies with your gut!

But wait…
What does your gut have to do with making a baby?

Pretty much everything…...

Limits Inflammation & Oxidative Stress…. a Major Cause of...

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Can Mindset Help Improve Your Fertility? | Kezia Ashley Okafor

podcast Sep 02, 2022

“You get to the point where you feel like there’s got to be a different way.”

Topics Discussed:

  • How no one talks about the mental pain when you are being treated for infertility.
  • Why strengthening your mindset matters so much.
  • Why you have to deal with your stress now rather...
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Where to go when your Fertility Doctor won’t listen to you

Fertility doctors hold a special place within the community & are a great resource when medical assistance is truly needed [or just wanted]. But many women dealing with fertility issues are facing dead ends when their fertility doctors won’t listen to their growing concerns. 


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Thriving After A Miscarriage During Infertility | Jodi Sky Rogers

podcast Aug 26, 2022

“It was frustrating doing everything I was told but it still wasn't working.”

Topics Discussed:

  • How infertility issues are often grouped all in the same category.
  • Coming to terms with staying in your depression or making changes.
  • How support and sharing benefit us on our journey.
  • ...
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Getting Pregnant Naturally After Years of Failed Fertility Treatments with Erin McDaniel

podcast Aug 19, 2022

“Sometimes you have to go through the difficult things before you’re willing to commit to the next level.”

Topics Discussed:

  •  Dealing with shame associated with infertility.
  •  The fear that comes with getting pregnant.
  •  Finding balance with your healthy lifestyle...
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Why Isn’t My Holistic Fertility Support Working For Me?

podcast Aug 12, 2022

 “If you want to do IVF, you can take 3-6 months and work to look at other things like your diet.”

Topics Discussed:

 Find the right treatment for you and go with it.

 The benefits of a functional medicine approach over IVF.

When it comes to fertility treatments, you...

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Top 3 Reasons Your Fertility Diet Might Not Be Working

podcast Jul 29, 2022

“Committing to a diet change is hard to do in a society that judges you for diet changes.”

Topics Discussed:

  • Intolerances and how they affect our day to day.
  • How even healthy foods can be wrong for us.
  • The importance of your mindset and how it affects stress.
  • The importance of...
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How to Take Back Your Sexuality During Infertility with Dr. Nikki Cohen

podcast Jul 22, 2022

Topics Discussed:

How infertility and autoimmune diseases make us feel like we are not in control of our bodies.

How just because something is healthy, that doesn’t mean it’s the right food for you.

Why do we have to become more in tune with our bodies.

Getting back to our feminine...

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Surrender and Permit Yourself to Take a Break From Trying to Conceive

podcast Jul 15, 2022

“When you take control and start doing the things that are right for you and start healing and growing, that’s when you start progressing and getting to your ultimate goal.”

Topics Discussed:

Practice surrendering and let go of control.

Take charge of your healing and start...

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