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Top Ways to Lose Weight, Improve Your Fertility and Boost Egg Quality 🦩 [Podcast Discovery Call]

discovery calls Dec 23, 2022

“It makes the journey a little bit easier when you’re surrounded by people who are either going through the same thing and understand you or people who have been through the same thing and understand you.”


Topics Discussed:


How to be consistent with your diet to...

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Using Human Design to Boost Your Fertility with Fauzia Morgan

podcast Dec 16, 2022

“Because human design is a symphysis of so many traditions and modern science, it allows us to really hone in on the unique energetic makeup of the individual.”

Topics Discussed:

How human design permits us to be ourselves.

Human design gives you the validation you need from...

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How I Got Pregnant Naturally with Thyroid Issues - Fauzia Morgan

podcast Dec 09, 2022

“We all have our own timing, and it’s a matter of trusting in that timing and not comparing ourselves to other people.”

Topics Discussed:

Stop comparing yourself and focus on changing your lifestyle.

Work on your self-limiting beliefs so you can surrender to the flow of life.

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How to Improve PCOS & Boost Your Fertility 🦩 [Podcast Discovery Call]

discovery calls Dec 02, 2022

“The 20/80 kind of mentality when it comes to food intolerances during your healing phase just prolongs your journey.”

Topics Discussed:

How to be conscious of the quality of your diet.

Take time to rest, recover, and heal your body.

Be prepared and consistent with things that...

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3 Tests Your Fertility Doctor Might Not Think About Doing When You're Dealing with Infertility

fertility tips Nov 30, 2022

Let's talk about how your fertility issues MIGHT NOT have anything to do with your lady bits. 


Let me say that again. 


Your fertility issues have NOTHING to do with your lady bits!


How do I know that?




Your doctor has run ALL THE TESTS, you've...

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Top Reasons Your Holistic Fertility Diet & Lifestyle Isn’t Working Out

podcast Nov 25, 2022

“Once you connect with something that you absolutely love and stay consistent with it, you start seeing the magic with it.”

Topics Discussed:

Change your mental and emotional habits in your lifestyle.

Allow your body time to heal between IVF procedures.

Learn to listen to your body...

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What's the Best Optimal Prenatal to Take When Dealing With Unexplained Infertility?

supplements Nov 22, 2022

You want a prenatal with high-quality ingredients! 

Because taking cheap vitamins and minerals is so out of style.

All prenatals are not created equal!

Quality matters. Just like your food, you want to invest in high quality & make sure it's not full of nasty fillers including, artificial...

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Why You Might Want to Rethink Folic Acid with Troy Duell from Centurion Labs

podcast Nov 18, 2022

“There are a lot of conditions out there that we can do things about through the right diet, exercise, and taking advantage of who we were designed to be.”

Topics Discussed:

How a lifestyle change can improve your fertility health.

The difference between folic acid and folate. ...

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Hashimoto’s, Infertility & How the Autoimmune Paleo Diet {AIP} is Only One Piece of the Puzzle 🦩 [Podcast Discovery Call]

Uncategorized Nov 11, 2022

“When it comes to gut health, the first thing is elimination; you have to eliminate the food and the toxins that are creating the inflammation.”

Topics Discussed:

Amplifying healing with targeted supplementation for prolonged gut problems.

Figure out what foods work for you even...

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How to Follow Your Intuition When You’re Dealing With Infertility with Victoria Shaw

podcast Nov 04, 2022

“Sometimes we have to make peace with what is, to get back on track to what we want.”

Topics Discussed:

How to set the intention to live a more intuitive life. 

How to let go of fear and take back your power.

Find things that help you connect with your soul

How do you deepen...

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