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What is thefinancial impact of infertility on your life?

podcast Oct 28, 2022

“The measure of how much you trust someone else, is how much you trust yourself.”

Topics Discussed:

  • Understanding the importance of money mindset.
  • Having an abundance mindset.
  • Where does our relationship with money stem from?
  • How can being fearful of money overtake other areas of our...
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Your 3 Step Guide to Getting & Staying Pregnant

podcast Oct 21, 2022

“Supplements are usually over-used.”

Topics Discussed:

  • Breaking down some of the simple things to start implementing.
  • Eliminating inflammatory foods.
  • The purpose of supplements.
  •  3 Step to Improve Your Chances of Getting & Staying Pregnant

Sometimes it can be overwhelming...

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How do you deal with the disappointment of infertility?

podcast Oct 14, 2022

“When we get stuck in our own struggle we can’t see others’ struggle.”

Topics Discussed:

  • How to handle your emotions and why it’s important to cry.
  • How do you deal with the disappointment of infertility?
  • How to deal with negative thoughts.
  • How do we move forward...
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Does religion have an impact on fertility? | Devon Baeza

podcast Oct 07, 2022

“Religion didn’t give the room to question things.”

Topics Discussed:

  • Discovering your beliefs around money.
  • How infertility can affect your religious beliefs.
  • Does religion have an impact on fertility?
  • How to find our own truth.
  • The importance of support.

In today’s...

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Adrenal Fatigue and How It Can Impact Your Fertility

podcast Sep 30, 2022

“It’s really important to take control of our stressors because if we don’t handle our stress, the stress will handle us.”

Topics Discussed:

How to avoid excess iron in prenatal vitamins.

Impact of adrenal fatigue on your fertility.

Impacts of thyroid issues and past...

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When You Get Stuck on Your Diagnosis and Miss Important Cues to Solve Your Infertility

podcast Sep 23, 2022

“We are self-sabotaging ourselves when we hold onto limiting beliefs.”

Topics Discussed:

  • How foods affect our moods.
  • Warning signs that may seem common but are not.
  • The effects of past trauma.
  • What you think is normal is not.

There are so many common symptoms that rise up in us,...

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Connecting Your Soul With Your Future Family | Dr. Emma Brodzinski

podcast Sep 16, 2022

“A large majority of people are waking up and saying ‘this doesn’t feel right anymore’”.

Topics Discussed:

  • Changing the way we approach nutrition and well being.
  • The awakening that is happening in regards to modern medicine.
  • The breaking down of institutions.
  • How to...
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Grieving For the Child That Should Have Been in The World

podcast Sep 09, 2022


“We beat ourselves up so hard during this journey because time is our currency.”

Topics Discussed:

Change the negative words you tell yourself and be consistent.

Let go of your worry about the plans you had around your unborn baby.

Keep believing in your ability to make your...

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The Gut-Fertility Connection - Improve Your Gut Health to Increase Your chances of Getting Pregnant When Dealing with Infertility

gut health Sep 04, 2022

Sometimes fertility has nothing to do with your lady bits!

In fact, there’s a BIG chance the issue lies with your gut!

But wait…
What does your gut have to do with making a baby?

Pretty much everything…...

Limits Inflammation & Oxidative Stress…. a Major Cause of...

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Can Mindset Help Improve Your Fertility? | Kezia Ashley Okafor

podcast Sep 02, 2022

“You get to the point where you feel like there’s got to be a different way.”

Topics Discussed:

  • How no one talks about the mental pain when you are being treated for infertility.
  • Why strengthening your mindset matters so much.
  • Why you have to deal with your stress now rather...
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