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Time Is on Your Side & Your Fertility Issues Aren’t Set in Stone

podcast Apr 21, 2023

“You have to surrender to the time needed to heal and reconnect those fertility links.”

Topics Discussed:

Surrender to the time needed to heal.

Take time to lay the framework for your fertility success.

How to readjust and relook at your journey.

Do you feel time-poor and that the...

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Advocating for Women's Health with Jessica Pin

podcast Apr 17, 2023

“There’s a lot of misinformation that gets published in medical journals and textbooks, and it’s really important to look for primary sources and see if there’s actually any evidence supporting the claims you find.”

Topics Discussed:

How to avoid medical...

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How to Keep Moving Forward and Multiple Failed IUIs & IVFs 🦩 Podcast Discovery Call

discovery calls Apr 14, 2023

“Not seeing the results that you want from your diet is a big sign that’s not the right diet for you.”

Topics Discussed:

Using spirituality to connect with your higher self.

The importance of gut healing and having a food sensitivity test.

How to be curious and explore...

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Waiting for My Miracle During Infertility with Tomas

podcast Apr 10, 2023

“If you’re always in control, how can you expect miracles to occur?”

Topics Discussed:

The concept of miracles and why we’re all miracle workers.

How to let go of control and learn to relax and trust.

How to connect with your inner teacher.

Exploring different...

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Why Your Fertility Affirmations Aren’t Working

podcast Apr 07, 2023

“If you’re saying affirmations you subconsciously don’t believe, it’s going to take you a really long time for those affirmations to work.”

Topics Discussed:

Misconceptions about spirituality and affirmations.  

How to address the root cause of subconscious...

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The Hidden Factor to Losing Weight and Boosting Your Fertility with Janice Hoult 

podcast Apr 03, 2023

“The reason why a lot of us are overweight is because we’re using food as a tool to cope with emotions we don’t want to feel, release, or deal with.”

Topics Discussed:

How we use food to cope with our emotions.

How to reprogram your mind towards new healthy habits.


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Can You Really Find Joy During Infertility?

podcast Mar 31, 2023

“A lot of the time, it’s completely underestimated the power that bringing joy back into your life can have on your actual fertility.”

Topics Discussed:

How to bring back joy into your fertility journey.

Learn to surrender that you’re doing enough.

Make space for small...

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How to Boost Your Fertility by Learning to Move with Consciousness with Erica Ziel

podcast Mar 27, 2023

“It’s so much easier many times for women to recognize once they’re in pain that they need help.”

Topics Discussed:

Using breathing techniques to activate and heal the pelvic floor.

Learning how to relax and release your pelvis and pelvic floor.

How to effectively and...

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Are These the Missing Steps When You're Dealing with Infertility?

podcast Mar 24, 2023

“It’s interesting to look at your timeline and steps and see where you’re at and then be brutally honest with yourself.”

Topics Discussed:

Have the belief that you’re capable of getting and staying pregnant.

The importance of being honest with your choices.

How to...

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How Your Emotional Health Can Be Connected to Your Gut Health When Dealing with Infertility with Chelsie Ward Holistic Nurse & Coach

podcast Mar 20, 2023

“A lot of times, our emotional health correlates with our physical health.”

Topics Discussed:

How emotional health can manifest in physical symptoms.

The importance of taking radical responsibility for emotional health.

How to trust your intuition during your fertility journey.


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