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Improve Your Egg Quality at the Ages of 30 & 40 Years Old

podcast Mar 10, 2023

“If you’re genetically prone, fertility is going to be one of the first things your body switches off because you don’t need it to survive.”

Topics Discussed:

The importance of cellular and mental health.

Invest in your health to increase fertility.

Trust your intuition...

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The Importance of Building a Healthy Foundation Before IVF & Other Medical Treatments Dr. Robert Whitfield Holistic Plastic Surgeon

podcast Mar 06, 2023

“There are lots of ways to identify what’s wrong with you, and most of them start with what you put in your mouth.”

Topics Discussed:

The importance of holistic medicine before IVF.

How your diet and genetics impact your health.

Factors that contribute to inflammation and...

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Top Two Things to Look into When Dealing with Thyroid Issues [Hashimoto's] and Infertility🦩 [Podcast Discovery Call]

discovery calls podcast Mar 03, 2023

Top Two Things to Look into When Dealing with Thyroid Issues [Hashimoto's] and Infertility [Podcast Discovery Call]

“People have gone into remission with Hashimoto’s by diet and lifestyle changes; it’s completely reversible.”

Topics Discussed:

Give your body time to boost...

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Making Space During Infertility to Connect with Your Spirit Baby with Nancy Mae

podcast Feb 27, 2023

“When you’re conscious and realize things, you start changing for yourself and your children not to experience generational trauma.”

Topics Discussed:

Letting go of limiting beliefs to connect with the source.

Surrender to make the space for your spirit baby to come to you.


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Learning to Receive During Infertility

podcast Feb 24, 2023

“The trauma of just going through fertility struggles is enough to warrant needing rest and relaxation.”

Topics Discussed:

Learn to give yourself space and time to heal.

Surrender any shame or guilt you have about needing rest.

The importance of being open to the receiving aspect...

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Hidden Issue Your Doctor Doesn't Know About That Might Be Contributing to Your Fertility Issues with Krista Patricia, Breast Implant Illness Expert, Board Certified Physician Assistant & FDN-P

podcast Feb 20, 2023

“There are so many emotional components to healing that if we don’t address those things, our healing can’t be complete.”

Topics Discussed:

The harmful impact of breast implants on your health.

The role of genetics on your fertility health.

Understand that healing is...

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How You Can Boost Your Fertility Using This One Technique with Amy Stark Part Two

podcast Feb 17, 2023

“When we listen, we wind up validating our bodies and what it’s trying to tell us and release the trauma.”

Topics Discussed:

How to shift your thought process to shift your reality.

Listen to your body to release the lingering trauma.

The benefits of the EFT tapping...

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How to Discover Your Inner Powers When Dealing with Infertility with Amy Stark Part One

podcast Feb 13, 2023

“No one has the answer for you; only you have the answer, and if you tune in to your body by slowing down, you can listen to your body, and it will tell you.”

Topics Discussed:

Trust your body and release negative energy to feel safe.

Using EFT to find negative energy and shift your...

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What to do When You’re Dealing with Unexplained Infertility and Failed IVFs 🦩 [Podcast Discovery Call]

discovery calls Feb 10, 2023

“When people don’t understand infertility is not because they don’t want you in their lives anymore; they just don’t understand your situation.”

Topics Discussed:

Finding the root cause of your thyroid issues.

The difference an auto-immune paleo diet can make in...

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3 Harsh Realities When Dealing with Infertility

podcast Feb 06, 2023

“If you’re doing everything right, subconscious beliefs are your next area; you have to be willing and open.”

Topics Discussed:

Let go and let guidance take over.

Be willing and open to tap into mental& emotional awareness.

Use positive affirmation to shift your...

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